Supporting climate resilient economic development in Kazakhstan


Application of the model to analyze the macroeconomic impacts of climate change adaptation

The CRED project published the National Report for Kazakhstan. The report gives an overview of the economic damages of selected climate risks and possible adaptation options to climate change for the agricultural, energy and infrastructure sectors. The model was used to analyze the intersectoral and macroeconomic effects.

The results show that without adaptation measures to climate change economic losses will not only occur in the directly affected sectors, but also in other sectors of the economy along the value chain. Sector-specific adaptation options help to mitigate climate change damages on the one hand and have positive effects on economic growth and employment on the other hand. Nature-based adaptation measures and measures that are both mitigation and adaptation options also contribute to reduction in emissions.

You can download the report here. For further information on the CRED project and other publications, please click here.

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