Research Areas

Based on the GWS own economic models, we conduct empirical analysis and projections for public and private-sector organisations and companies.

The Economic & Social Affairs division provides services in the following topics:

Konjunktur, Branchen und Außenhandel

Business Cycle, Economic Activities and International Trade

The main focus in this Research Area is on analysing economic activity levels. Taking a bottom-up approach, domestic economic growth is determined on the basis of sector-specific business cycle…


Labour Market

Projects within this Research Area revolve around theoretical and empirical investigations on the effect of a range of factors on the labour market. Developments relating to classes of occupations or…


Demographics, Private Households and Consumption

Projects in this Research Area discuss questions as to how and in which way demographic change affects the economy. Private households are at the heart of these analyses. The single factors that are…


Health and Long-term Care

How many people will be in need of long-term care in the year 2035? What consequences will this have on the demand for long-term care? Does Germany have enough nursing homes? What will happen to the costs…


Regional Issues

The clear significance of several aspects of the transformation currently taking place in German society, becomes especially apparent in a regional context. Consequently, regional analysis, whether…

Zahl des Monats

Our figure of month

In today's information age we are surrounded by an almost infinite amount of data. Each month, the GWS-WiSo-team selects a particularly interesting economic and/or social topic or question from the…

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