Aerial photography of a rural area, road crossing in the middle of green fields

SYMOBIO 2.0 – Consolidating Systemic Monitoring and Modelling of the Bioeconomy

SYMOBIO explores and develops the scientific basis for systemic monitoring and modelling of the bioeconomy in Germany. The general orientation of the bioeconomy towards the SDGs, in particular…

Laufzeit: 2022–2024

Regional Economic Effects of the Expansion of the Rhine Valley Railway

The expansion and new construction of the Karlsruhe-Basel rail track is one of the largest rail infrastructure projects in Germany. The expansion of the "Rheintalbahn" will increase the capacity…

Laufzeit: 2022–2023
Arbeitsmarkteffekte eines klimaneutralen Entwicklungspfades bis 2030

Labor market effects of a climate-neutral development path by 2030

The aim of the project is to estimate how the implementation of the measures required to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050 will affect employment. The employment effects are calculated up…

Laufzeit: 2021–2021

Policy Dialogue and Knowledge Management on Low Emissions (DIAPOL-CE) – Climate-economy modelling in Rwanda and Uganda

Uganda and Rwanda have committed to take climate action by ratifying the Paris Agreement, thereby contributing to the goal to limit global average temperature increase well below 2°C.


Laufzeit: 2021–2022
Kosten durch Klimawandelfolgen in Deutschland

Costs of Climate Change Impacts in Germany

Climate change has arrived in Germany – noticeably and evidently. This results inter alia in economic losses due to crop failures, repair costs of infrastructure damages and increasing health…

Laufzeit: 2021–2023

Climate action as an employment driver – Effects of an ambitious transition towards a green economy on the labour market

Public debate often gives the impression of a trade-off between economy and climate protection. It is becoming increasingly clear that the climate crisis is forcing far-reaching changes. At the…

Laufzeit: 2021–2021

The contribution of economic instruments to achieving climate mitigation targets: The role of government energy price components in the instrument mix

The main focus of the project is to critically analyse existing modelling approaches in the field of climate policy impact assessment, to improve the understanding and the impact of economic…

Laufzeit: 2021–2023

Provision of consultancy services to create a climate vulnerability and risk assessment of the Maltese economy

Due to its geographical location in the Mediterranean as well as its geophysical characteristics as a small islands region, Malta is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In addition to…

Laufzeit: 2021–2023
Ressourcenflüsse in Thüringen

Ressourcenflüsse in Thüringen

The Thuringian Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation (TMUEN) has launched a state initiative on resource conservation and efficiency. One of the first steps in this…

Laufzeit: 2020–2021

Scenarios climate study - Bavarian Business Council for the Future

An interdisciplinary Prognos team, supported by EconSight, GWS and TwinEconomics, investigated the subject of climate change and climate protection for the Bavarian Business Council for the…

Laufzeit: 2020–2020

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