Our figure of the month 12/2015: increase in the asylum protection quota and faster recognition of the right to asylum


The calculated asylum protection quota of 46% implies that almost every second asylum seeker can stay in Germany for the time being. However, the probability for a successful application for asylum differs considerably depending on the country of origin of the asylum seeker: while Syrians have a chance of success by nearly 100%, Albanians have only 3%. The recent categorisation of the countries in the Western Balkan as save countries of origin proved to be successful in the way that less asylum seekers arrived from there. The declining number of Balkan refugees is likely to continue in 2016. Simultaneously, the asylum protection quota will reach 57% with the increasing share of e.g. Syrians or Iraqis. The asylum procedure is likely to speed up: less applications and the unambiguity of the protection status will ease the recognition of the right to asylum.


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