Our figure of the month for New Year's Eve 2016: Germans like it loud


The Germans spend more money on fireworks than on many other consumer goods. Since 2005 the New Year's sales of fireworks have grown by almost 40 %. Even the economic and financial crisis has not overshadowed the noisy amusement: In 2010, sales remained constant. While the share of private consumption in gross domestic product (GDP) has declined over the past ten years (-6.9 %), the share of firework expenditures in GDP has risen by more than 5 % over the same period. Over 90 % of the fireworks are imported. The most popular ones are battery fireworks while bangers are losing their enthusiasts.


The beginning of the year 2017 is expected to be louder and brighter than 2016. Although the Association of the Pyrotechnic Industry anticipates stagnating sales for this New Year, the current developments in GDP for the year 2016 speak a different language.

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