Our figure of the month at New Year's Eve 2017: New Year’s Eve continues to get more expensive


Due to rising consumer prices for fish, cheese and sparkling wine, New Year’s Eve is about to become more expensive in 2017 than ever before. After an increase of 4.8% compared with the price level last year, the prices for carp, salmon etc. have more than doubled compared to what one had to pay for fish back in 2000 (129 index points in 2017 compared with 67 points at the beginning of the millennium). This short-term price increase was even surpassed by that of hard cheese (+8.3% compared with 2016). However, hard cheese prices have been considerably more volatile over the past decades. After slight decreases in more recent years, the price for cheese required for raclette or cheese fondue now exceeds the former peak reached back in 2014. In contrast, prices for sparkling wine, prosecco and champagne remain nearly constant. With a plus of 0.6% the prices have recently only undergone a marginal increase.


Given the positive buyer confidence in Germany, it is rather unlikely that the described price developments will lead to a change in consumption behaviour. Still, some people may take the prices as a reason for eating a little less fish in favour of an extra glass of sparkling wine.

One could, however, consider to refrain from casting lead at New Year’s Eve. The producer’s price index for lead has drastically risen by 23% within the past twelve months and thus reaches a new all-time high. Besides, the price for lead, zinc and tin amounts to 230% of what it was back in the year 2000. So continuing the tradition of lead casting cannot be recommended – both with regard to its negative ecological impact, but also from an economic point of view.

Sources: Stat. Bundesamt, Fachserie (FS) 17, R. 7 and FS 17, R. 2, both Nov. 2017 published 13.12.17

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