Our figure of the month 12/2016: Holiday in Germany is hot again


Tourism in Bavaria and in regions along the North and Baltic Sea take the biggest advantage.

Berlin remains most popular area for guests from abroad with a 40% share of foreign guests.The number of Germans who prefer to spend their holidays within Germany has recently risen considerably. Increasing political uncertainties in previously popular tourist destinations as well as the growing danger of terrorist attacks worldwide are regarded as main reasons for this development. From January till September 2016, the number of guests in German accommodation businesses has risen by 2.8%. The highest growth rates of guests in hotels, boarding and guest houses, cottages etc. have been registered in the federal states along the North and Baltic sea, i.e. Lower Saxony with a 5.1% rise in guests, Schleswig-Holstein (+4.5%) and Mecklenburg-West-Pomerania with 2.7% as well as in Bavaria (+3.9%). The least growth in the number of guests in tourist accommodation within the first nine months of 2016 were registered in Saxony (0.5%), Hesse (+1%) and Thuringia (+1,4%).


City breaks are still on the rise: In Hamburg, the number of guests in hotels etc. has recently increased about 4%. After a very dynamic growth within the last years, the number of guests in Berlin rose further with 2.5% from January until September 2016. The German capital is also by far the most popular destination for tourists and guests from abroad: Meanwhile, 40% of all Berlin visitors come from a foreign country. On average, only 21% of all guests who visit Germany come from abroad. The share of foreign guests is also above average in the large German federal states in the West (between 26% in Hesse and 22% in NRW), whereas the Eastern States are far less attractive for tourists from abroad. At the bottom of the league is Mecklenburg- West-Pomerania with only 5% of all guests originating from a foreign country. In Saxony, this share amounts to 12%, which is still only half the figure of the overall German average.

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