Online trainings within the project "Policy Advice for Climate Resilient Economic Development" (CRED(


In the framework of the project "Policy Advice for Climate Resilient Economic Development" (CRED), a 10-day online training course on the creation of the model for the analysis of long-term development (economy, energy, emissions) in Kazakhstan was held by Anett Großmann and Frank Hohmann (GWS Osnabrück), with the participation of representatives of ERI, Zhasyl Damu, the Kazakh Statistical Committee, Nazarbayev University and TALAP.

During the training, the modelling approach of was explained in terms of content, the individual modelling steps (database creation, regressions, modelling and scenario analysis) and their implementation in Microsoft Excel were presented and illustrated by interactive exercises and discussions.

Further training courses are planned in the course of the project, which will show approaches to integrating climate change and possible adaptation strategies in The acquired knowledge will enable experts to assess the economic consequences of climate risks and to take adaptation measures. The simulation results can support decision makers in developing strategies for sustainable economic development in Kazakhstan.

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