INFORUM meets IIOA 2023

The INFORUM community met June 26–30 at this year's 29th International Input-Output Association (IIOA) Conference in Alghero, Italy. Two special sessions were organized by the INFORUM group during the conference, thematically addressing current economic challenges.

The first session "Dynamic Modeling of Economic Impacts of GHG Reductions" included three presentations exploring elements of GHG reduction in Germany and the US, with analyses on the impacts on the macroeconomy and labor market. Such analyses can promote a better understanding of the economic costs and benefits of GHG reduction policies. The three presentations of the session dealt with the specific topics: „Impacts of a green hydrogen value chain on the labor market in Germany“ (Linus Ronsiek, GWS Institute of Economic Structures Research, Osnabrück, Germany), „Macroeconomic and employment impacts of achieving net-zero emissions in the US by 2050“ (Douglas Meade, Inforum (IERF), College Park, Maryland, USA) and „Modeling the labor demand of the construction industry with regard to the implementation of the green transformation in Germany“ (Frederik Parton, GWS Institute of Economic Structures Research, Osnabrück, Germany).

The objective of the second session „Inflation and supply chain adaptation in dynamic interindustry modeling“ was to explore various issues of inflation and supply constraints within a dynamic interindustry model. The cascading impacts of price changes throughout the economy and the implied impacts on aggregate inflation can be modeled well in the context of this type of model.  Furthermore, international linkages show how such price effects can be transmitted to trading partners. These international effects and the feedbacks from the national economies were highlighted in the first presentation by Rossella Bardazzi (University of Florence, Italy). An important source of impacts on prices was discussed in the second presentation by Marc Ingo Wolter (Institute of Economic Structures Research, Osnabrück, Germany), which also analyzed how these changes are interrelated to changes in the labor market. The third presentation, presented by Michal Przybyliński (University of Łódź, Poland), delved into the interdependence of input structure and sectoral prices, using Danish data.

Inforum was founded by Clopper Almon, Professor Emeritus from the University of Maryland, USA in the 1970s. Since 1992, the international community of economists and scientific researchers from five continents have met regularly for a World Conference to share and discuss new research approaches and results in the field of I/O-based macroeconomic and industry modelling.

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