Gerd Ahlert is partner of the Institute of Economic Structures Research (GWS) and holds a Master in Economics (Diploma 1994). Gerd is working for the GWS since its foundation in 1996. He is a senior expert in the fields of statistics and economics with focus on National Accounting and Economic Modelling.

Gerd Ahlert has developed a key competence in National Accounts based theme oriented and functional satellite accounts and its practical implementation in several fields (i.a. sport, tourism, health, transportation, environment, and welfare) as well as associated model based macroeconomic impact analysis. Due to his active involvement in international projects on Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA), Sport Satellite Accounts (SSA) and Health Satellite Accounts (HSA) he has a profound international knowledge concerning methodological and practical implementation issues.

Gerd Ahlert has responsibility for all activities related to the construction and application of the multi-sectoral macroeconometric gobal model GINFORS and its application to resource issues (i.a. FP7 project POLFREE) as well as climate change and adaptation issues (i.a. FP7 project CECILIA and ToPDAd).

Research Interests

National and satellite accounting

Economic modelling, Input-Output analysis, impact analysis

Resource economics, tourism economics, sport cconomics

Sustainable development, indicators and welfare

Climate change and adaptation

Publications of Gerd Ahlert