The catering sector – a branch of trade that mirrors our society


The catering sector comprises any place where you can buy ready-made meals and/ or drinks. It includes high class restaurants as well as cafeterias and takeaways, wine bars as well as pubs and discotheques. The development in this sector also reflects changes in our society. Company and school cafeterias as well as food to go or to take away register high growth rates as an increasing number of people are “eating out“ rather than at home. This is due to changes in social structures as well as the transition to more flexible everyday (working) life. At the same time, as a result of the continuously good economic climate in Germany, private households and enterprises have currently more budget at their disposal as they used to have for a long time. Apart from catering chains and cafeterias, restaurants offering high class food can also benefit from this positive buyer confidence. More insights into the different parts of the catering sector in Germany offers the latest release of the according GWS Themenreport 15/4.

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