Our figure of the month 01/2016: Germany economy grows by rates between 1.75[nbsp]% and 2[nbsp]% in 2016


From the start of 2016, GWS mbH is publishing its own forecast for the German gross domestic product (GDP).
Growth rates of real GDP are expected to range between 1.75 % and 2.00 % in 2016, confirming the robust German economic condition.
After 1.6 % in 2014 and expected 1.7 % in 2015, the German economy remains stable regardless structural, cyclical and geopolitical challenges.
Main driver of the economic growth is private consumption, like in the previous years. The ongoing robust condition on the German labor market and the good wage income have a stabilizing effect. However, the growth share of the trade balance remains weak. Consumption-induced import growth compensate the exchange rate induced export growth.
Gross fixed capital formation in machinery and equipment will not improve significantly in 2016 as in the previous years. However, construction demand is expected to increase substantially - also induced by the construction work due to the inward flow of refugees.


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