Dr. Markus Flaute worked in the Energy and Climate division of GWS from 2014 to 2022.

If you have any questions about the projects managed by Mr. Flaute, please feel free to contact Mr. Christian Lutz. You will find his phone number on the right.

Research Interests

Projects of Markus Flaute

The contribution of economic instruments to achieving climate mitigation targets: The role of government energy price components in the instrument mix
Costs of Climate Change Impacts in Germany
Policy Dialogue and Knowledge Management on Low Emissions (DIAPOL-CE) – Climate-economy modelling in Rwanda and Uganda
Low Carbon Leakage
UNCHAIN – UNpacking climate impact CHAINs. A new generation of action- and user-oriented climate change risk assessments
Policy advice for climate-resilient economic development
Analysis of German exports and imports of technology goods for the use of renewable energy and other energy technology goods
Reconsidering the Role of Energy and Resource Productivity for Economic Growth, and Developing Policy Options for Capping Macro-Level Rebound Effects
Energy Projections and Impact Assessment 2030
SYMOBIO: Systemic Monitoring and modelling of the bioeconomy
Comparative analysis of the competitive position of the EU automotive industry and the impact of the introduction of autonomous vehicles
Detailed economic analysis of individual policy instruments and measures for climate change adaptation
Black swans (risks) in the energy transition
Economic opportunities from climate protection
Macro economic and distributional effects of the German Energiewende
Competitiveness and energy costs of industry in international comparison
Energiewende and international aspects – opportunities and challenges for German politics and industry
Private Haushalte als Schlüsselakteure einer Transformation des Energiesystems: Empfehlungen für eine sozial-ökologisch orientierte Förderpolitik. Teilvorhaben 3: Gesamtwirtschaftliche Modellierung
The impact of the German policy mix on technological and structural change in renewable power generat

Publications of Markus Flaute