Vergleichende quantitative Datenanalyse für den Logistik- und E-Commerce-Sektor in Frankreich und Deutschland

Comparative Quantitative Data Analysis for Logistic and E-Commerce Sector in France and Germany

France and Germany are the core countries of the European union. Both are the steering wheel and engine for the European integration. Both countries are connected with a long history of rivalry.…

Laufzeit: 2019–2020
Weiterentwicklung des BMAS-Fachkräftemonitorings

BMAS-Expert Monitoring: Development of an analytic tool to forecast the supply and demand of skilled workers in Germany

The QuBe project team ( has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) to develop an analytic tool that provides a reliable assessment of the…

Laufzeit: 2018–2020

Development Planning Training Course (June 3rd to 22nd 2018, Ulan Batar (Mongolei))

In course of the Economic Governance for Equitable Growth (EG4EG)-project, Anett Großmann and Frank Hohmann assisted the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in Mongolia. During a 3-weeks training in Ulan…

Laufzeit: 2018–2018

Meeting the Paris Agreement and Supporting Sustainability - quantifying synergies and trade-offs

The central issue of MeetPASS is to explore whether and to which extent achieving climate goals as foreseen in the Paris Agreement reinforces or potentially impedes reaching other sustainable…

Laufzeit: 2017–2019

Green careers – analysis of "green" qualifications and professions

Green Economy links together ecology and economy positively. New ways of production as well as changed consumption structures and consumption methods lead to technological developments and changed…

Laufzeit: 2017–2019

Development and application of analytical tool based on Input-Output table

The aim of the project is the (further) development of an analytical tool based on Input-Output table to evaluate effects of possible governmental programs supporting the development of the…

Laufzeit: 2017

The structure of the market for long-term care in Germany and its potenial capacity

The aim of this project is to identify challenges of the market for long-term care and to offer applicable policy options. An in-depth analysis on the current structure of the long-term care…

Laufzeit: 2016–2016

Regional employment forecast until 2030 and creation of a regional input-output-chart for Saxony

By using the econometric models of the GWS this project forecasts the future number of employees and the industry structure in Saxony and…

Laufzeit: 2016–2017

Development of Sustainable Mining Strategies in Chile with a Regionalized National Model (BMBF FKZ: 01DN16030)

Chile owns almost 30% of the global copper reserves and its mining is of major importance to the national economy. Due to this the international economic development has a big influence on Chile’s…

Laufzeit: 2016–2019

Development of analytical tools based on Input-Output table

The aim of the project is the development of an analytical tool to assess the gains and losses of possible state programs supporting the development of the private sector of the Tajik economy.


Laufzeit: 2016–2017

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