Assessment of the state of the art concerning the implementation of TSA in the Member States of the EU
Project description:

The Eurostat project on Tourism Satellite Accounts started in January 2008 and has been completed in autumn 2009. The contractor ICON Public Sector GmbH was in charge for the administrative project management. The international project team consisted of 13 TSA senior experts from 9 Member States of the EU. Gerd Ahlert from GWS mbH coordinated the work of the team of experts and was responsible for the content management as well as the specific analysis procedure within the various actions. During the whole project all 27 national contact partners in charge of Tourism Statistics and TSA were invited to participate within a multiple questioning process on TSA implementation issues. The following outputs were achieved at the end of this research project on behalf of Eurostat: (1) A set of 27 country specific reports on the implementation of TSA in the Member States of the EU, (2) Comparative analysis reports on the methodological comparison of EU-wide TSA implementation practice as well as on the empirical comparison of EU-wide TSA country results, (3) Practical Guide for the Compilation of a TSA, (4) Technical assistance missions on TSA implementation to 10 Member States of the EU, (5) Report on a proposal for key figures for a short term update of TSA results.

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ICON Public Sector GmbH
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