Modelle, Potenziale und Langfristszenarien für Ressourceneffizienz (SimRess)
Project description:

The SimRess project analyzes the potential effectiveness of policy measures and mixes in the field of resource policy. Considering a time horizon through 2050, the project will interpret model simulation results from both a system dynamics model and an econometrics model. The modeling process will inform policy recommendations, and might therefore, contribute to further developing the national resource efficiency program ProgRess
The models may explore topics such as: domestic and abroad resource use, GDP, or job creation. The models will integrate national, European, and global trends and projections, in addition to context scenarios from the project PolRess.
SimRess will build off of two established models – the system-dynamics model – WORLD by Lund University and the econometrics model – GINFORS, by GWS mbH. These proven models will set national resource use in a global context. Another aim of the SimRess project is to enhance the models to compare outputs up until 2030, and to identify ways to exchange information between the two models. Quantitative analysis will follow from the modeling results.


Meyer, M. & Distelkamp, M. (2017): Simulation von Ressourcenschonungspolitik mit GINFORS im SimRess-Projekt: Systemgrenzen, Modellinteraktion, Indikatoren und Baseline-Ergebnisse. In: Umweltbundesamt (Hrsg.): Sicherung der Konsistenz und Harmonisierung von Annahmen bei der kombinierten Modellierung von Ressourceninanspruchnahme und Treibhausgasemissionen, Dokumentationen 4/2017, S. 72–82, Dessau-Roßlau.
Hirschnitz-Garbers, M., Distelkamp, M., Koca, D., Meyer, M. & Sverdrup, H. (2018): Potentiale und Kernergebnisse der Simulationen von Ressourcenschonung(spolitik). Endbericht des Projekts "Modelle, Potentiale und Langfristszenarien für Ressourceneffizienz" (Sim-Ress). Umweltbundesamt Texte 48/2018, Dessau.
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Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
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Ecologic Institut gGmbH
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