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In today's information age we are surrounded by an almost infinite amount of data. Each month, the GWS-WiSo-team selects a particularly interesting economic and/or social topic or question from the multitude of available information, which is highlighted as the "number of the month". The current number as well as the earlier numbers of the month can be found here.

Our figure of the month 10/2019: Busy at the borders: Truck traffic continues to increase
Our figure of the month 09/2019: Regional importance of the mining sector in Chile
Our figure of the month 08/2019: The dominance in trade – number and volume of 1000 largest trade flows in 2016
Our figure of the month 07/2019: Chile's importance for e-mobility
Our figure of the month 06/2019: Living in Bavaria becomes more and more expensive
Our figure of the month 05/2019: The triangularity of world export flows - the dominance of advanced economies persists
Our figure of the month 04/2019: Rapid increase in the need for long-term care in Germany
Our figure of the month 03/2019: Export flows between Germany and Africa in imbalance
Our figure of the month 01/2019: Outlook 2019: GWS expects economic growth in Germany to range between 1.25 and 1.50% 
Our figure of the month at New Year's Eve 2018: How frosty or rainy was the party outside?
Our figure of the month for Christmas 2018: Santa Claus has to go to that many children in one night
Our figure of the month 12/2018: Are Germany's regions attractive for foreign specialists?
Our figure of the month 11/2018: Export volume to Africa – China's dominance
Our figure of the month 10/2018: German-African export relation
Our figure of the month 09/2018: Temporary employment – a phenomenon only at universities? Structural evaluation of figures from the current Mikrozensus
Unsere Zahl des Monats 08/2018: Veränderung der Erwerbspersonenzahl nach Kreistyp und Geschlecht
Unsere Zahl des Monats 07/2018: Wohnsituation von Mietern und Eigentümern nach Haushaltsgröße im Vergleich
Unsere Zahl des Monats 06/2018: Einfluss der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft der Herren auf den Einzelhandel mit Getränken
Unsere Zahl des Monats 05/2018: EMAS-zertifizierte Unternehmen in Deutschland
Unsere Zahl des Monats 04/2018:  Regionale Verteilung der Betriebe mit Schweinehaltung und der Schweinebestände
Unsere Zahl des Monats 03/2018:  Großhandelsumsätze steigen, aber nicht für alle Großhandelsgruppen
Unsere Zahl des Monats 02/2018:  Starker Übernachtungszuwachs in Tourismusregionen und Großstädten

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